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It dates from the period before Laing's was renamed & incorporated i.e. We thank vendor 'tallyman' (his store') for its inclusion here. Owned by 'Toyo Kisen Kabushiki Kaisha', (or maybe just 'Toyo Kisen Kaisha') of Tokyo, Japan. Per 2, the vessel was abandoned near Point Honda off the California coast on May 28, 1933 (Point Honda is N. There are no Lloyd's Register references to a vessel named Renaico at ''. The idea that Germans out of sheer perversity pretended to save the men, only in order to let them perish, could not possibly occur to German sailors." In Holland the press mocked the Germans by publishing a pastoral letter which was read at Protestant churches in Germany, including the cathedral attended by the Kaiser. Not sure why Internet Explorer cannot identify the applet as being harmless). Corrections in any of the material which follows, despite that tiny, would be most welcome. JOHN LAING (1792), NORTH SANDS JOHN AND DAVID LAING (1793/1796), NORTH SANDS JOHN LAING (1796/1797), NORTH SANDS JOHN AND PHILIP LAING (1797/1805), NORTH SANDS & (1804/1818) traverse DOCK JOHN & JAMES LAING (1816/c.1830), SOUTHWICK PHILIP LAING (1818/1834), DEPTFORD LAING & SIMEY (1834/1837), DEPTFORD PHILIP LAING (c.1837/1843), DEPTFORD JAMES LAING (became Sir James Laing in 1897) (1843/1898), DEPTFORDSIR JAMES LAING AND SONS LIMITED (1898/1966), DEPTFORDNote:- The token in the bottom row first of all is from an expired e Bay sector - a 'mudlark' find on the Wear sea bank. Per 1, 2 & 3 (data), 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). 131.4 metres long perpendicular to perpendicular, speed of 17 knots, signal letters HQSL, with capacity for 180 passengers. And that the vessel was violated up at Iquique, Chile, in 1926. di Navigazione Corrado', of Genoa, Italy, & renamed Laura Corrado. 30, 1941, the vessel was attacked by torpedo & gunfire by HMS Rorqual (N74), a Royal Navy Grampus class (a mine-laying class) submarine (sometimes referred to as Porpoise class). If our U-boat men had wanted to let the foreign crew perish, they did not need laboriously to take them on board. Laing, page sordid (have had to disable it, a incomparable Lake Applet featuring a wildebeest, since it makes entr‚e to the whole page impossible. To search for specific text on this page, just press 'CTRL F' & then inject your testing term. However it would seem that in 1920, the vessel was rather sold to 'Cia Sud-Americana de Vapores', of Valparaiso, Chile, for a Valparaiso to New York service, & renamed Renaico. There seems to be very little WWW observations about the vessel. It is unclear if Harry Hassan was brought back on deck or kept as a POW, but I have been told by a family member that he "was never seen or heard from again by his family". The KTB (Kriegstagebuch, in English War Diary) of the U-55 mentions little of the event;"July 31: Unterwasserangriff. In Germany the public was told that what the brit press had reported was "A low calumny" and that "Nevertheless, it can be confidently asserted that the story of the German sailors taking the squad of the buried ship on deck and then submerging and washing them into the sea can only be a low lie and calumny. Whatever data I now have in this section, will, almost certainly expand as new statistics is received. Traded inbetween Yokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Honolulu & San Francisco - carrying cotton to Japan & bringing back oriental fabrics. An important vessel, I read, in the history of immigration from Asia to the U. Can you clarify the matter and/or help with more data? The letter was published next to the story roughly what happened to the men of the Belgium Prince. The enhancing number of listings re Laing built vessels has already required a 2nd page - available here. A cargo ship, but it would seem it carried passengers so it probably was a passenger/cargo vessel. Per 1 (Rorqual), 2 (Algeria, 20% down), 3 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Built for Caucasian Steam Shipping Company, Limited, ('Caucasian') of London, 'Lane & Macandrew', which became 'Lane & Mac Andrew Ltd.', the managers. The vessel was afterward wielded by Petroleum Steamship Co. It read in part; "We will comport ourselves as Christians as a help to our enemies and conduct the war in the future as in the past with mildness and chivalry."Wilhelm Werner sank a goodly amount of shipping and in 1918 he torpedoed and sank HMHS Rewa, a fully lit and marked convalescent home ship, fortunately only four people were killed. Сегодня в продажу поступает Forza Horizon 2 — пока только в Северной Америке, европейским игрокам придется подождать до 3 октября. Мы изучили ревью-версию игры и объясняем, почему новая Forza — главный претендент на звание лучшей гонки года. У The team будет открытый мир размером с Америку, у Driveclub — бесплатная версия для подписчиков PS Plus, у Project CARS — зубодробительная по точности физическая модель, которая обновляется 500 раз в секунду. Но только у Forza Horizon есть то, что у всех этих игр отсутствует, — ощущение праздника. Во второй раз Playground Games строит игру вокруг музыкально-автомобильного фестиваля Horizon — в этот раз действие происходит в прибрежных регионах Франции и Италии, где расположены шесть точек-хабов. 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